Preserving 100 years of tradition and legacy in chocolate making, Reindörf’s connoisseurship blends passion, supreme quality, and ingenious excellence to offer delightful creations for refined tastes.
A sheer

Preserving the Traditions

There’s a secret carried in our traditions that lies behind each idea creation at Reindörf to make our chocolate brands a sheer goodness experience. From the beginning of the chocolate making process till its end, passion is the underlying secret – the signature to each line we create.

The creation of the idea, the artisanal touch to shape it, the special care in selecting the finest ingredients, the sublime recipe and the craftsmanship – are what render the tradition sophisticated and artful.
A blend
of modern
and age-old

Our Vision

At Reindörf, we aim at always creating innovative products crafted by indulging pleasures.
For us, the traits that make this journey interesting are the passion and longing to overlay pre-existing patterns.

A SWING of Chocolate!

Amazingly thin, Swings crispy wafer half-coated with Belgian milk or dark chocolate reveals swirling sensations of complex flavours intertwined with silky chocolate texture.